Registering your RV in the state of Montana can present many advantages:
  • Montana has no sales tax.
  • Montana has no personal property tax on vehicles.
  • The annual registration fee is generally less expensive than many other states on recreational vehicles.
How can you legally register your new RV in the state of Montana?
  • By making your purchase in the name of a Montana "Holding" Company (LLC), you can legally register your vehicle in Montana. This is because your "Holding Company" is a legal resident of Montana and is entitled to benefit from laws within Montana. We will set up a company for you and provide your company with a Montana address. It is important that you also comply with your "home state" state laws. Your state may have a requirement regarding time spent in the state. For example, most States require that if your motor home resides in your home state for 6 months or more out of each year, then you are required to register your vehicle in your home state.
  Where will I register my RV?
  • Your RV will be registered in Montana. One of the services we provide is to act as your Registered Agent. We will take care of your initial registration. In addition, we will renew your registration on an annual basis. We take the stress and hassle out of the registration process. You will have a Montana License Plate.
  Can I purchase my RV anywhere?
  • YES! Once we set your holding company up for you, you can purchase your RV in any location - in any State. When you purchase your RV, simply inform your dealer that your RV will be purchased by a Montana Company and registered in Montana.
  How long will it take to set up my holding company?
  • We should receive your Articles from the Secretary of State within three business days.
  • Your license plates will be mailed within a couple days of MSC, Inc. receiving the necessary paperwork for your vehicle.
  • Your title should arrive from the Montana Department of Transportation within 4-6 weeks of registration.
  Can I do this if I have already made my purchase?
  • If you have possession of your title you can sign the RV over to your new company. If you do not have possession of the title (you have a lien against your title) you may still be able to work with us. Contact your lender and ask them if you can change the name on the title and other paperwork to your company name. When speaking with them, let them know you will personally guarantee the loan and that you can provide a Borrowing Resolution and an Operating Agreement. If your lender will proceed with this change, you can then proceed with us to get your holding company in place. If your lender will not permit this change, we can assist you in refinancing with another lender.
  Can I purchase from a Private Party?
  • The process is essentially the same when you are making your purchase from a private party. Just be sure to place the NAME OF YOUR COMPANY as the purchaser on the new title.
  Can I place more than one vehicle in my Montana Company?
  • Yes, you can place as many vehicles in your Company as you wish.
  Do I have to obtain a Montana Driver's License?
  • No, your Driver's License should be maintained in your home state. 
  • Only your "Holding Company" is a resident of Montana (not you personally).


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