Why establish a holding Company in Montana?

Key Benefits


By establishing a limited liability company in Montana, you are creating an entity that is that is a legal resident of Montana.  This allows you to legally register your vehicles in Montana and avoid paying sales tax and normally more costly registration fees.  However, this does not preempt you from complying with your home state requirements.  If your vehicle primarily resides in your home state, (most states define this as more than 6 months), than you are required to register your vehicle there.  If you are a “full-time RV’er”, because your vehicle does not primarily reside in your home state, than this program is entirely legal to participate in.  It is not necessary for you to acquire a Montana Drivers License.  And because there are no revenues generated by your company, there are no income tax ramifications as a result of setting up a company in Montana.


You can purchase your vehicle wherever you wish, and still enjoy the luxury of paying NO SALES TAX and usually lesser registration fees. 


Mountain States Consulting has been providing this service longer than any other.  As a result, we are the most qualified and competent in this field.  We also provide a very personalized service  and take great pride in providing the highest quality and personalized services. This, in turn, has resulted in confident relationships that have evolved into long-term friendships.


The initial cost of our service is $900.00.  This fee includes establishing drafting the Articles of Organization for your limited liability company, filing it with the Secretary of State office, drafting the Operation Agreement, binding these documents into a “Company Book”, and delivering them to you.  Additionally, we will register your vehicle for you and deliver the license plates.  The cost of registration is in addition to our fees.  We will serve as your company’s “Registered Agent” and forward any mailings for you or your company to you, wherever you may be.



As the SOLE owner of your company, you have total control over the status of your assets.  You can move assets in and out of your company however or whenever you wish.  If you choose, you can dissolve your company at any time.


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